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An investment credit is, as the name implies, intended to make investments in your company. As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to invest in your company. By investing in your company, more money will eventually come in. This ensures that you can repay the credit without feeling it in your wallet. The investment credit exists for all business investments .

With this credit you can, among other things, buy a business premises or property; build a business premises; purchase machines and inventory; finance a lease contract or you can use it to purchase core stocks. In short, you can do everything you need to invest in and expand your business with an investment loan. In addition, the credit can also be used for a business transfer.

Atlantis Financiers can help you with this. You can submit a financing application using the form on the right. The most important condition for applying for business financing is that you have a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000. Once you have completed and completed the form, you will usually be contacted within 48 hours.



The duration of this credit depends on various factors. There is always a minimum amount that you can borrow, depending on the turnover you make. The amount of the loan also determines the duration and how much you must repay per month, including interest. An investment credit is taken out for a fixed time. This provides an overview, because you know in advance how much you will have to pay back per month and how long you will be doing this.

Bear in mind that the conditions that you must meet vary per lender. The interest costs and the duration may also differ per provider. It is therefore best if you request quotes without obligation from different providers. That way you can compare the conditions and costs, and choose the provider that best suits you, your company and your investment plans.

In addition, the credit can be fully withdrawn, but also in parts. If the latter option is chosen, the investment can be spread over time. The conditions under which you took out the loan state within which maximum period the full amount must be included. Repayment will only be started when (part of) the credit has been withdrawn.

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No credit is free, so neither is the investment credit . Interest must always be paid on a loan amount. You must repay a fixed amount per month, including interest. You pay the interest because the lender always runs a risk. You can reduce this risk by showing annual figures and by having a forecast for the future. If all this looks good, you have the chance of a lower interest rate.

When the interest rate is lower, you are ultimately less expensive than if the interest rate were higher. This is of course beneficial for you, but also for the lender. A lower interest rate means that the lender runs a smaller risk. Moreover, the smaller the risk for the lender, the more likely you are to get an investment credit. You can reduce the risk that the lender is running yourself.

But the interest costs are not the only costs that you have to pay with an investment credit. For example, there are the closing costs, the commission costs, and if something is changed in the agreement, administration costs. As mentioned earlier, you can reduce the risk with the lender yourself. That way you have a better chance of a lower interest rate, which of course is beneficial for you. You can reduce the risk by ensuring that you have a high credit rating. You do this by paying your bills on time.


The benefits of the credit are:
Keeping your own capital
Because you take out credit with a bank or other financial institution, you retain your own capital. No claim is made on this. You can then use this as a reserve, and ensure better cash flow in your company.

An investment credit is taken out for a specific time. This way you know in advance how much you will have to pay off each month and how long you will be doing this. That offers clarity and certainty.

You also know in this way how much money will come in the coming period. You can also withdraw the credit in installments. This way you can spread the investment over a longer period of time.

With this credit you can opt for the insertion of a grace period. Only interest will be reimbursed during this period. Moreover, you never have to withdraw the full amount immediately, so that you can spread the investments over a longer period of time. This ensures that this is a very flexible credit , which you can adjust to your needs.

What distinguishes an investment credit from other credits?

What distinguishes an investment credit from other credits?

With an investment credit you can choose where you invest the money. For example, when you own an ice cream parlor, you can use the money to invest in an ice cream maker. As a result, this credit fits very well with your specific needs.

The credit can also be used to improve the cash flow of your company.

Curious about how an investment loan can help your company? Request a financing quote from Atlantis Financiers without obligation. Because we use customization, it can take up to 48 hours before you receive a response. It is also because we use tailor-made solutions that it is not yet possible to make a statement about the interest charges and the monthly amount.